best concert ukulele under 200

5 Best Concert Ukuleles Under $200

By Ukuleles

The 15-inch scale length and slightly larger body of a concert ukulele delivers a deeper tone and a bit more volume, while maintaining the sweetness and instantly recognizable sound of a traditional ukulele. The concert ukulele tends to produce a warmer, richer, and more resonant sound than the smaller soprano ukuleles. Its large body, long neck, and increased space on the fretboard also makes the concert ukulele a little easier to handle and play, especially for beginners.

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5 Best Felt Picks For Ukulele

The 5 Best Felt Picks For Ukulele

By Accessories

What many beginning ukulele players fail to appreciate is how the quality of their pick can affect the results of their performance. Experienced players know better – they know that choosing the best quality felt ukulele picks is an essential part of playing their best, and that their choice of pick will impact their performance every single time.

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