frequently asked questions about ukulele

Frequently Asked Questions About Ukuleles

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The great thing about the ukulele is that you can learn to play a basic three-chord sequence, which is enough to accompany most songs, in…
frequently asked questions piano

Frequently Asked Questions About the Piano

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From the toniest concert halls to the most raucous cabarets, the piano has been the centerpiece of many a performance. Classical musicians have tickled the…
frequently asked questions about accordions

Frequently Asked Questions About Accordions

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The idea behind the accordion - a 'free reed', that is, a reed that isn't placed in the mouth of the player as is the…
everything you need to know about playing the trumpet

Everything You Need to Know About Playing The Trumpet

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Playing the trumpet is a lot of fun, whether you want to play professionally or just enjoy some jam time with your friends. But before…
frequently asked questions about guitar

Frequently Asked Questions About The Guitar

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The guitar is one of the most interesting, and certainly one of the most versatile, instruments in the world. You can find the guitar in…

Famous Guitarists & Their Guitars

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While you should always buy a guitar that fits your personal, unique style, it definitely helps to know what styles and models work well for…
recording basics

Recording Basics – Everything a Beginner Needs

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Most musicians get the urge to start recording their music after only a few weeks of picking up the instrument. Whether you want to make…