best cello for beginners

The 5 Best Cellos For Beginners

By Cellos

Long a staple of the symphony orchestra, the humble cello has been turning up in some strange places lately. From the folk stage and the jazz band to the solo coffee shop and rock band, this classic stringed instrument has been showing off its versatility and gaining new fans along the way.

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the best semi hollow body electric guitars under 500

The 5 Best Semi Hollow Body Guitars Under $500

By Guitars

These semi hollow body guitars are perfect for a percussive and rhythmic based style, so that’s essentially most blues and jazz players. If you’re into metal, and 80’s style shredding, well then likely these are not the guitars for you, but that’s not to say it’s impossible to shred on a semi hollow body. Hell, it might sound really cool who knows.

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The 5 Best Mandolins For The Money

By Mandolins

Whether you’re looking for your first ever mandolin, or you need a gift for a musically gifted friend, these are 5 of the best mandolins out there. There are a couple features to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new mandolin. You want to make sure the body, neck, and components are made out of quality wood and metals.

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