best cello for beginners

The 5 Best Cellos For Beginners

By Cellos

Long a staple of the symphony orchestra, the humble cello has been turning up in some strange places lately. From the folk stage and the jazz band to the solo coffee shop and rock band, this classic stringed instrument has been showing off its versatility and gaining new fans along the way.

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best flute for beginners

The 5 Best Flutes For Beginners

By Flutes

The flute is one of the most beautiful and lyrical instruments in the world, but it is also one of the most versatile. The band Jethro Tull famously proved that the flute can be a rock and roll instrument, and countless classical musicians have used the flute to create amazing compositions.

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best turntable for the money

The 5 Best Turntables For The Money

By Turntables

Turntables have been a staple of modern music for some time now. And while yes, record scratching goes in and out of style, knowing your way around a turntable is more than just scratching. For the audiophiles who will never record scratch or DJ but just want to listen to their Frank Zappa collection, well we’ve hand selected turntables that can handle that too.

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The 5 Best Synthesizers For Beginners

By Synths

Synthesizers have been one of the most defining & world shaking instruments of our digital age. Achieving mainstream success on The Beatles albums, and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, and still the same synthesizers continue to prevail today on albums like Tame Impala’s modern classic Lonerism.

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best kalimba for beginners

The 5 Best Kalimbas For Beginners

By Kalimbas

Whether you’re looking for an additional unique instrument to add to your collection, or you need the perfect charming tone for your new track, the kalimba is an all around great instrument for the task. Before we get started, you should know that kalimbas are known by many names including thumb pianos & mbira.

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