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When it comes to your instrument of choice, you need the absolute best you can get for your money. A quality instrument will last you your entire life as long as you take good care of it.

Whether you prefer stringed instruments, woodwinds, electronic instruments, keyboards, or percussion we’ve found what you need… Because no matter what instrument you’re after, we’ve found that the number of possibilities out there was overwhelming & so we made it our goal to narrow it down.

We believe that being a musician shouldn’t mean spending all of your money on the most expensive instruments available just because they’re marketed as the best. In most cases there’s affordable entry level equipment that will sound amazing, and play just fine. By only buying reliable, affordable, & high quality instruments you’ll never have to regret buying a new keyboard or saxophone three months later.

types of musical instruments

It’s our goal at Music Store Central to find only these kinds of instruments, and make them easily accessible to our growing audience. Typically there are at least 50 different instruments per topic, so we spend a lot of time narrowing each review down to the absolute 5 best.

Each of the instruments that appear in our reviews have been hand tested when possible, and meticulously researched online to make sure other users are pleased with their instruments.

We began this journey to find only the best instruments available for a given category a few years back. Users began using our site, and that made us want to make more reviews than ever, to really have an impact on new musicians & pros alike. Our fundamental criteria for each instrument category was that it had to be reasonable priced, extremely reliable, comfortable to play, & high quality.



With so many instruments available online, it was important to us to hand select the best instruments because there are a lot of knock offs out there that we want to help people avoid. This is especially true for stringed instruments, because you don’t want any fret buzz, or dead zones on the fret board.

However, we’ve played enough cheap electric guitars to know what’s junk and what’s worthwhile.

It’s important to keep in mind what you’re actually going to be doing with your instrument. A lot of new musicians will go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a guitar, only to use it for an hour each weekend. We believe that if you’re just starting out, you’re much better off just purchasing an affordable guitar until you’ve become a more disciplined guitarist.

Learning most instruments simply begins with practicing the fundamentals over and over again. That being said, you don’t need to worry about all the details of the instrument. Much of the instrument’s details like, what type of wood the fretboard is made of, or if the keyboard keys are weighted will come into relevance later.

Because for the first couple of years you’re simply going to be learning the essentials, like string plucking, chord shapes, music theory, timing, and playing to a metronome. Until you’ve mastered all of the instrument’s essentials, having the absolute most expensive rosewood guitar neck won’t matter in the slightest.

Types of Musical Instruments

Alright let’s recap, what is it you’re going to be doing with your instruments really? Are you going to be playing local gigs? Starting a cover band? Touring the world in a private jet? Well, chances are you’re just going to be playing at home to improve your skills for a long while.

While this may sound like a chore at first, just endless practicing, you’ll soon find out that this is really what music is all about. Practicing an instrument is really about self-reflection, intense repetitive practice, and the ability to observe yourself growing as a musician overtime. Everything else that comes with playing music, like performing live & impressing your wife, is just sprinkles on top & probably doesn’t matter to anyone else as much as you’d like it to.

So, eventually after decades of intense practice you might be able to sell out arenas, big deal, because you’ll probably notice that by the time you’re a pro you won’t feel like impressing people with your musical skills any longer.

As your musical journey progresses you’ll likely find that you’re more than happy just playing music at home with your family. Playing music keeps your mind sharp, it keeps you motivated, and it’s always something you can progress in when the rest of the world seems overwhelming.