5 best mandolins under 1000

5 Best Mandolins Under $1000

By Mandolins

The modern mandolin most closely resembles the Neapolitan mandarin that was developed in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century. While the instrument lost its popularity in the 19th century, it enjoyed a resurgence in the 20th century thanks to classical and folk musicians. Today, the mandolin plays a strong role in American country, bluegrass, and folk music.

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best polyphonic synth under 500

5 Best Polyphonic Synths Under $500

By Synths

Synthesizers (commonly shortened to synths) are an incredibly versatile instrument that deserve their spot in the modern producer’s studio. A synth can replicate traditional instrument sounds (percussion, brass, woodwind, piano, organ, etc.), generate natural sounds (rain, wind, waves, etc.), and produce entirely original electronic timbres. Synths can be difficult to master, but in the right hands it can open up the entire spectrum of music and sound.

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best concert ukulele under 200

5 Best Concert Ukuleles Under $200

By Ukuleles

The 15-inch scale length and slightly larger body of a concert ukulele delivers a deeper tone and a bit more volume, while maintaining the sweetness and instantly recognizable sound of a traditional ukulele. The concert ukulele tends to produce a warmer, richer, and more resonant sound than the smaller soprano ukuleles. Its large body, long neck, and increased space on the fretboard also makes the concert ukulele a little easier to handle and play, especially for beginners.

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Best Synth Under 500

5 Best Synths Under $500

By Synths

The synthesizer (commonly shortened to synth) is an amazingly versatile instrument that deserves its place in the modern producer’s studio. A synth can imitate traditional instruments (piano, organ, percussion, brass, etc.), it can generate natural sounds (waves, rain, wind, etc.), and it can produce entirely original electronic timbres.

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best guitar for beginner child

5 Best Guitars For Beginner Child

By Guitars

So, your child wants to learn how to play the guitar. Maybe it was all their idea, or maybe you dropped a few subtle hints here and there with the picture of your child up on stage some day in your mind. Perhaps playing the guitar was once your passion, and now you want to pass that love of music down to your children.

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best piano for beginner

5 Best Pianos For Beginners

By Keyboards

For much of history, having a piano was a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Now, electric pianos make it significantly easier to beginners to start playing the piano without breaking the bank. Not only are they much more affordable than an acoustic piano, their smaller-size makes them easier to find a place for in smaller spaces, and most options come with a travel case to make them transportable (anyone who’s ever tried to move a full-size piano will definitely appreciate that).

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best guitars for beginner adults

5 Best Guitars For Beginner Adults

By Guitars

The guitar is an incredibly fun instrument to learn and play. I got my first acoustic guitar when I was 14, and I used to love doing jam sessions with a few of my friends. It was pretty simple to learn a few beginner chords and strum along as my more experienced friends took the lead.

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best concertina for beginners

5 Best Concertinas for Beginners

By Concertinas

The concertina is a reed-free instrument, and a close-cousin to the accordion. While both the accordion and the concertina have bellows with buttons on both sides, the concertina’s buttons (when pressed) travel in the same direction as the bellows, and the accordion’s buttons travel perpendicular to the bellows.

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best turntables for beginners

5 Best Turntables For Beginners

By Turntables

Whether you’re looking for a DJ turntable or a just simple option to listen to your vinyl records, you’ll benefit from electronics companies investing more capital into their vinyl products. That means more options on the market, more features, and competitive pricing as the companies vie for your business.

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