5 Best USB Microphones For Rapping

Best USB Microphone For Rapping

If you need to record vocals directly to your computer, a good USB microphone is the easiest solution. USB mics typically provide plug-and-play functionality right out of the box without having to download software drivers or purchase any additional equipment. They’re also much more portable than traditional microphones and recording equipment, so it’s easy to take your mic with you and set up a simple recording studio anywhere you go.

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5 Best External Hard Drives For Music Production

best external hard drive for music production

Unless you’ve dropped over $5,000 on a new iMac Pro, producing music will probably require significantly more disk space than the laptop in your backpack. That goes for most creative media production—music, film, and graphic design—they’re all data hogs that work in gigabytes. If you don’t have enough disk space, your programs will run slower and slower, and at some point, your computer will start to crash.

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5 Best Volume Pedals For Swells

best volume pedal for swells

Volume pedals are a great way to take your guitar game to the next level. You can use a volume (or dynamics) pedal for a number of things—more precise control of notes, prolonged notes that fade into an airy finish, silencing your guitar to achieve more distinct notes, or to crank the volume when it’s time to crush your solo.

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5 Best Speakers For Electronic Drums

best speakers for electronic drums

It doesn’t make sense to buy a quality electric drum set and a cheap amp. Just as a good amp can maximize your electric drum kit’s potential, a bad one can make great drummers sound like kindergartners banging on trash cans.

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5 Best Audio Interfaces For FL Studio

best audio interface for FL studio

FL Studio is a fantastic digital audio workstation (DAW) with an intuitive graphical user interface that’s based on a pattern-based music sequencer. It’s accessible across most major platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), and it’s been around long enough to hone their software into a refined experience. Once you’ve got FL Studio on your device, you’ll need an audio interface to start recording music that you can edit with the software.

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5 Best Affordable Record Players with Built in Speakers

best affordable record player with built in speakers

The vinyl revival has been going strong for over a decade now, and its popularity has enticed a number of manufacturers to offer great record players at affordable prices. Even better, many of these affordable record players are modernized with Bluetooth, USB connection, and built-in speakers.

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5 Best Mics For Voice Overs

best mics for voice overs

A voiceover sounds like a simple enough task to accomplish, right? You just need something that records sound, a computer to upload the audio file, and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, you and I have both heard enough shoddy audio on YouTube videos and in our Facebook streams to know that’s not the case.

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5 Best Powered Speakers For Live Band

5 best powered speakers for live band

Every gigging musician knows that getting high-quality live sound can be a challenge. The right equipment can make a huge impact on the quality of your performance, and nobody likes the pressure of struggling to solve sound-reinforcement problems when the show is on the line.

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5 Best Powered PA Speakers for the Money

5 best powered pa speakers for the money

Getting a high quality powered PA system should be considered an investment, not a purchase. Quality equipment will cost a little more, but it’ll work consistently, last longer, and eliminate much of the stress and headaches that come with cheaper systems. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options that offer professional-grade quality at an attractive value.

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5 Best MIDI Controllers for Beginners

best midi controller for beginner

What started off in the 1980s as a bulky device for performers to control multiple synthesizers from a single keyboard has evolved into a highly portable piece of equipment that can give you control over the entire range of contemporary music software and hardware.

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