5 Best Throat Sprays For Singers

Best Throat Sprays For Singers

If you’re a singer, you’re going to have a lifetime battle with dry, sore throats. Believe me, I understand the frustration! Nothing is worse than facing a crowd of smiling faces who are eager to hear you perform, and all you can give them in return is a hoarse voice (or worse—no voice at all).

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5 Best Room Humidifiers For Guitars

Best Room Humidifier For Guitars

Dry air is public enemy #1 for your guitar. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold—extended dry conditions will almost always lead to cracks in an all-wood guitar. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to control the humidity around your guitar, whether it’s with a small humidifier that keeps the guitar safe inside its case, or an electronic humidifier that regulates humidity for the entire room.

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5 Best Drumsticks For Electronic Drums

best drumsticks for electronic drums

If you’re a beginner who’s new to the world of electric drumming, figuring out which drumsticks to buy can be surprisingly tricky. You’d think it would simple enough—you just need two sticks that you can bang on hard surfaces, right? Well, the answer is yes and no. Any drumstick will work, but there are certain types and styles that are either designed specifically for electric drum kits, or that are known to be better with electric drum kits.

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5 Best Oboe Reeds For Beginners

best oboe reeds for beginners

It’s a well-known fact that the quality of a reed can affect a woodwind instrument’s ease of play, pitch, tone, and dynamic variation. This is especially true with the oboe, and even more so for beginners who are learning to play. Beginners who use a poorly-made reed are prone to develop bad habits that can be very difficult to correct over time.

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5 Best Tuba Mouthpieces For Tone

best tuba mouthpiece for tone

It’s true what they say, most of your tone is based on the tuba player’s experience, but the a majority of the sound also comes from the mouthpiece itself. Without the proper mouthpiece most tuba players will be unable to achieve that tone they hear in their heads.

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The 5 Best Trumpet Mouthpieces For Jazz

You need a jazz trumpet mouthpiece that is versatile enough to allow for easy manipulation of the notes & scales. Bigger mouthpieces can be clunky during fast passages with many notes, so a mouthpiece with a smaller form factor & a lot of weight seems to work best for jazz players in our opinion.

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The 5 Best Trombone Mouthpieces For High Notes

best trombone mouthpieces for high notes

It may seem like a small thing, but the mouthpiece is one of the most critical components of any trombone. Whether you play professionally as part of an orchestra, a gig with a band on the weekends or just enjoy music for its own sake, the right mouthpiece is an essential piece of equipment, one that can make or break your play.

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