You need a jazz trumpet mouthpiece that is versatile enough to allow for easy manipulation of the notes & scales. Bigger mouthpieces can be clunky during fast passages with many notes, so a mouthpiece with a smaller form factor & a lot of weight seems to work best for jazz players in our opinion.

There’s a lot of trumpet mouthpieces for jazz on the market, so we narrowed it down to what we think are the absolute 5 best in the industry.


Yamaha YACSHEWLEAD Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Mouthpiece


best Yamaha YACSHEWLEAD trumpet mouthpiece for jazz


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This mouthpiece is no joke. If you don’t know who Bobby Shew is, close this browser and look him up now. You can really get a clear, full sound with the Shew, and due to its design you can play in upper register much longer without fatigue.

The Yamaha YACSHEWLEAD can help you increase your playing in the upper register, giving you an overall brighter sound to cut through the mix and help you reach your true range. This is hands down our favorite mouthpiece. Offers a bright and clear tone without comprising your playing style.


Bach K3513C Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece, 3C


best Bach trumpet mouthpiece for jazz


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As a trumpet player you really need a mouthpiece that you can call your own. The Bach K3513C is unique because it’s heavy, and its weight really helps with overall tone and clarity. This mouthpiece’s throat really creates a unique playing experience that a lot of trumpet players will find helpful.

The Bach K3513C excels at tone, intonation, and overall endurance which is pretty much everything a jazz player requires. The Bach K3513C doesn’t require much effort on behalf of the player thanks to its functional design, so this helps you focus on what matters most, the pitch of the notes you’re playing.

Because of the heavy weight of the Bach K3513C there’s a lot of dark tones, so if you’re not a fan of sounding too bright, then this is the mouthpiece for you.


Denis Wick DW6882-4X Heavytop Silver-Plated Trumpet Mouthpiece

best Dennis Wick trumpet mouthpiece for jazz

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The Denis Wick DW6882-4X is specifically designed for increased stability in the higher registers of your playing. If you’re going to be tackling some jazz standards, then this trumpet mouthpiece will definitely prove itself useful.

The overall comfort of the mouthpiece can lead to more endurance, so this is a great mouthpiece for anyone still learning to control their pressure. On top of adding endurance, the Denis Wick DW6882-4X can you help you hit those ultra high notes that you used to squeak out including double a and b.

The Denis Wick DW6882-4X is noted for its dark and brassy tone, while still maintain a large rim. The Denis Wick mouthpiece can seem pricey at first, but once you realize it’s the last mouthpiece you’ll ever need it’s not so bad.


Bach 3513CGP Trumpet Mouthpiece, 3C, Gold-Plated


Bach 3513CGP best rated trumpet mouthpiece for jazz


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If you’re looking for an absolute top of the line mouthpiece for jazz then the Bach 3513CGP is probably as good as it gets in our opinion, and the price tag reflects that fact.

Being a gold mouthpiece, the Bach 3513CGP has many advantages to silver mouthpieces. These advantages include a more comfortable and flexible feel, less corrosion and tarnish overtime, and lastly it warms up faster than silver. The overall tone and volume offered up by the Bach 3513CGP are among the highlights of its many selling points.

The fact that you can warm up much faster on the Bach 3513CGP means you’ll have more endurance for the actual music you’re performing. The gold is very soft on your lips too, so you’ll notice this mouthpiece is very kind to your mouth as you continue to jam with it.


Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C

best bach trumpet mouthpiece for jazz

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The Bach 3C is a great mouthpiece if you’re on a budget but still want the stellar performance of a high end mouthpiece, like some listed above. The 3C shape allows you to hit the high register with ease, and the Bach brand name lets you know you’re buying quality.

Many trumpeters have confessed to using Bach mouthpiece’s their entire career, this is likely due to their affordability and performance. The cup of the Bach 3C is just wide & deep enough to allow for easy access to the highest registers, and the lowest lows. If you need performance and affordability, it’s hard to pass up our last choice on the last the Bach 3C.

Playing jazz can be quite the endeavor if you don’t have the right mouthpiece. Finding a mouthpiece that makes playing more comfortable & sustainable for you is crucial. If you’re just getting started with jazz it’s imperative that you choose the best jazz mouthpiece for you.