Finding the Best Guitar Cable For The Money is easier than you think.

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick the – VOX VCC090RD Coiled Cable.


Have you ever bought a new guitar cable only to have it break within the first few months of owning the cable? Ya, us too so that’s why we’ve put together the best guitar cables for the money. There are some very expensive cables out there that will last you the entirety of your musical career. There are also some affordable cables that will last a long time if you treat them properly.

We’ve kept both expensive types of cables & affordable options in mind when compiling our guitar cable buyer’s guide. So, let’s take a look at the 5 best guitar cables for the money.

Recently, coiled cables have made a huge comeback, and for good reasons. Coiled cables have a lot of benefits because they’re easy to pack up and they’re self adjusting as you’re moving around the stage. For these reasons, we’ve chose a coiled cable as our number one choice. However, we also dive in depth into some straight cables for other purposes like running from your pedal board to your amp.


VOX VCC090RD Coiled Cable 29.5′ with Mesh bag, Red


best vox coiled guitar cable for the money

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The VOX VCC090RD Coiled Cable carries the retro curly cable that so many guitarists love. This is overall a high quality cable that doesn’t affect your tone whatsoever. It stacks up against other high quality cables including Lava and Elixirs.

In terms of reliability the plugs are incredibly sturdy and the right-angle plug is molded on so you have even more room. The straight plug is wrapped in plastic for extra durability. Even though it is sold as 30 ft it is more like 20 ft but hey, that’s plenty for us.


RIG NINJA GUITAR CABLE for Serious Musicians 10 ft


best RIG NINJA guitar cable for the money


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The RIG NINJA GUITAR CABLE is a good looking, heavy gauge guitar cable with coils nicely without no added noise or interference. The excellent gold tips of the Rig Ninja cable delivers premium guitar tone across the longest distances.

The cord has a very substantial feel to it, so you can literally feel the value & weight of the cord. The color and the fabric offer up a premium feel that can be hard to find in this price range. Additionally, the cable comes with two velcro straps to keep it wrapped up tight.

The 10 ft length is perfect for running from a pedal-board back to the amp without the onstage mess of overly long cables.


Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables (1/4 Straight-to-Straight) 10 ft


best fender instrument cable for the money


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Fender instrument cables are known for being the best and some of the most affordable cables on the market. The Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables in particular are renowned for their excellent performance and durability on stage.

The length is just right and the cable ends feel sturdy and dependable. There’s no interference caused by this cable and in our experience it removes humming from almost any amp. That is not the case with most affordable cables, which makes this a must buy.


Donner Guitar Cable 10 ft, Premium Electric Instrument Bass Cable AMP Cord 1/4 Right Angle to Straight Black White

best donner guitar cables for the money



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Donner makes good products at a reasonable price, and their guitar cables are no different. The Donner Guitar Cable is an affordable solution for anyone who wants to pick up a spare guitar cable, or a new main cable for their rig.

We love that this cable has 1 right angled head and 1 straight head. The right angled head is great if you have a guitar with an input on the bottom, because you can play sitting down in a chair without bending the head.

The Donner cables not only look good, but the braided cover is tough and allows the cable to be flexible while providing pro quality audio. There’s no feedback, squeal, radio interference, or hum and everything fits snugly as it should. The ends of the cable feel tight and strong.


12 Foot – Guitar Bass Instrument Cable Custom Made By World Best Cables


world best guitar cables for the money


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These are more expensive cables using premium Mogami 2524 wire and Neutrik NP2RX-AU-SILENT & Neutrik NP2X-B ¼ Inch Plugs. Most poeple who buy Mogami cables are known to refrain from buying  any other cables after they play one.

Mogami simply makes cables at a level that other manufacturers find hard to match. The cables and connections are silent and the noise level typically astounds most people people who have never experienced Mogami.

Mogami cables can give you piano like clarity to any guitar you plug them in to. You can even leave your amp on and plug the cord in and you won’t get a pop sound on most amps.


There’s so many options out there when it comes to choosing a new guitar cable. We were able to narrow it down to our 5 favorite choices based on affordability, noise level, and construction quality. Choosing the right cable for you comes down to