Looking For The Best Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Under $50?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick the – TaoTronics 20W Bluetooth Speaker.

#1 Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Under $50


There was a time when a good Bluetooth speaker-set would set you back a few hundred dollars. The market was dominated by big-name brands that could charge a hefty price, and there weren’t too many great options under $100 (there were certainly no options under $50).

Fast-forward a decade and the market has changed dramatically. There are still premium options for $200+, but the proliferation of wireless technology has brought a ton of quality options to a much more affordable price range.


What to look for in Bluetooth wireless speakers

As you’re evaluating your options, here are a few key factors to consider:

  • Sound quality – this is the big one, and it can be kind of hard to differentiate without hearing the product firsthand. When you’re shopping for a Bluetooth speaker online, remember that a product’s wattage (e.g. 10w or 20w) determines how loud it can be, and the sound quality will be determined by what kind of speakers are inside. Look for buzzwords like HD, stereo sound, and bass.
  • Speakerphone – does the Bluetooth speaker include a mic and allow you to answer phone calls through a built-in speakerphone?
  • Water resistance – this is a critical factor if you’re planning to use this speaker by the pool or in the shower
  • Outdoor protection – is the speaker dustproof and shock-absorbent?
  • Battery life – you may not need 10+ hours of continuous music, but it’s good to know how long the speaker will last if you’re spending the day at the beach
  • Design – you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics. Period. If the speaker doesn’t look good or match your style, don’t get it
  • Portability – this is an often-overlooked feature. If you’re just bringing the speaker to the pool or using it in the house, it probably doesn’t matter how large or heavy it is. But if you’re taking the speaker on a hike, you’ll want to lean towards smaller, lighter options

With that in mind, here are the 5 best Bluetooth wireless speakers under $50.


TaoTronics 20W Bluetooth Speaker

Best TaoTronics bluetooth wireless speaker under 50

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Of the five options listed in this article, the TaoTronics 20W Bluetooth speaker is hands-down the best-looking (at least in my humble opinion). It’s also the loudest, boasting a 20-watt driver, and it has the longest-lasting battery with 15 hours of continuous play.

The 360-degree stereo design allows your music to fill every corner of the room, and it has a 33-foot range so your smartphone isn’t tethered to the speaker. It has a built-in microphone that syncs with your smartphone for hands-free calls, and it has on-unit controls for tracks and sound. It’s a little heavier than some of the other options in this article, but it’s still pretty light at 1.8 pounds.


NEWBEING S5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best NEWBEING bluetooth wireless speakers under 50

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If you’re looking for portability, the NEWBEING S5 is your best choice at just 8.8 ounces (I’ve seen granola bars that weigh more than that!). Despite its small size, this speaker delivers high quality, crystal clear sound. It has two precision acoustic drivers that deliver top-notch stereo sound, and a proprietary passive bass radiator design that delivers deep, enhanced bass.

You can’t crank the volume on this like you can with the other options (it only has two 3-watt drivers), but it’s a great example of quality over quantity. It has a built-in mic for speakerphone calls, a 12-hour battery, and as a bonus it has a built-in FM radio.


Mpow portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Mpow bluetooth wireless speaker under 50

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The Mpow portable Bluetooth speaker is engineered for outdoor use. Not only is it light (just under 10 ounces), it’s splash-proof, dust-proof, and shock-absorbent. It’s also another great example of quality over quantity—the volume is limited by a 5-watt driver, but it packs quality stereo and bass speakers that ensure you enjoy full-HD sound even when the volume is cranked up to capacity.

That’s a great feature, as other speakers with more wattage can lose sound quality the louder you go. It has a 10-hour battery, and if all-day partying at the beach drains your smartphone’s battery, the Mpow can recharge your phone! We’ve all been there, and having a little extra juice for your phone can be a lifesaver.


TaoTronics 14W Bluetooth Speaker

Best taotronics bluetooth wireless speaker under $50

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TaoTronics makes enough good products that they’re earned two spots in the top 5. If you don’t need the loud range of their 20-watt speaker, the TaoTronics 14w is a great pick—still more than double what you get with many wireless speakers under $50.

It has two high-performance acoustic drivers with a passive subwoofer, so you’ll get great quality sound whether it’s quietly playing children’s music or blasting tunes in the living room. It also has 8 hours of battery-life, so you can party all night without plugging back in, and it’s portable at just 1 pound.


Mighty Rock 6110 Bluetooth Speaker

best Mighty Rock bluetooth speakers under $50

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If aesthetics is important to you, the Mighty Rock 6110 has a sleek, modern look with an soft silicon exterior and an aluminum-alloy shell. Not only does that make it look good, it also makes it more shock-absorbent, so it’s more forgiving of bumps, drops, and dings that inevitably come with everyday use. This puppy manages to provide high definition audio and impressive volume, with two 8-watt acoustic drivers and 2 passive subwoofers.

That means you get deep bass tones, crystal-clear midrange, and rich treble with no distortion. The advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology gives you a better connection to your smartphone, and in addition to pairing with common smartphones, tablets, and computers, it’ll also sync with your Amazon Echo and Echo Dots.



Each of these 5 Bluetooth wireless speakers have slightly different features that are best tailored to how you will use them. If you’re looking for indoor speakers on a budget, the TaoTronics 14-watt is a great choice. If you can afford a little more, the TaoTronics 20-watt and the Mighty Rock 6110 offer superior quality.

If you’re looking for outdoor use, consider the NEWBEING S5. If you’re looking at usage around water—maybe at the beach or in the shower—the Mpow offers the additional protection of being splash-proof, dust-proof, and greater shock-absorption.