We search, so you can play.

At Music Store Central, we’ve spent countless sleepless nights curating the web to bring you the best gear & instrument reviews as often as possible. It’s easy to find reviews for big name products and brands in the music industry. These reviews have undoubtedly been influenced by the big brands themselves in the form of paid reviews.

So, it’s more difficult to cut through all the products and big brand influence out there to really find the best available.

That’s why we started a music site for the everyday musician.

Each week, sometimes daily when we have the time, we find what people are looking for and review it to make sure you’re buying the best. We put together our buyers guides with one objective in mind, and that goal is to find and curate the quality products that we know musicians need in their hobby studios and practice spaces.

All of the big names in music tend to get all of the attention. But, we know that’s now what the music business is really like. For the most part, the music industry consists of people like you and I trying to get our hands on the best gear at the most affordable prices so we can write songs with our friends.

We review products for bedroom studios, jam spaces, and personal practice such as the best clean boost pedal for guitar, but we also review products that are made for hitting the stage, like the best professional trumpets for the money. With this idea, we’ve found that we’re able to seek out, understand, and only talk about products that people are actively seeking out.

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Not just any old gear, but the right gear for you and your sound.

Whether you’re just starting out in the music business at open mic nights, or you’re an experienced musician in a gigging band looking for an equipment upgrade or a reliable replacement for your old gear, we’ve got answers.

At Music Store Central, we have spent hours on each of our reviews compiling first and foremost our individual reviews of the products, and also data from Amazon and other online retailers. This helps us fully understand what real life users think of these instruments after handling them for a few months. With this mindset we are able to deliver weekly, sometimes daily, unbiased and personal product & gear reviews that are based on quality, tone, durability, company reputation and first hand user experiences.

We don’t accept money on behalf of any of the instruments or gear you see on our site. There’s no company influencing our opinion, only our experiences and the experiences of other end users. Ultimately, we want you to find the best instruments & music supplies out there without worrying about wasting your money on another dud piece of equipment.