5 best mandolins under 1000Mandolins

5 Best Mandolins Under $1000

The modern mandolin most closely resembles the Neapolitan mandarin that was developed in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century. While the instrument lost its popularity…
February 6, 2018
best polyphonic synth under 500Synths

5 Best Polyphonic Synths Under $500

Synthesizers (commonly shortened to synths) are an incredibly versatile instrument that deserve their spot in the modern producer’s studio. A synth can replicate traditional instrument…
February 5, 2018

5 Best Audio Interfaces For FL Studio

FL Studio is a fantastic digital audio workstation (DAW) with an intuitive graphical user interface that’s based on a pattern-based music sequencer. It’s accessible across…
February 5, 2018

5 Best Mics For Voice Overs

A voiceover sounds like a simple enough task to accomplish, right? You just need something that records sound, a computer to upload the audio file,…
January 24, 2018

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5 Best Powered PA Speakers for the Money

Getting a high quality powered PA system should be considered an investment, not a purchase. Quality equipment will cost a little more, but it’ll work…
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The 5 Best Ocarinas For Beginners

The ocarina is one of the most fascinating, and one of the most ancient, of all musical instruments. The ocarina has a unique sound, one…
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