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best concertina for beginners

5 Best Concertinas for Beginners

The concertina is a reed-free instrument, and a close-cousin to the accordion. While both the accordion and the concertina have bellows with buttons on both…
best polyphonic synth under 500

5 Best Polyphonic Synths Under $500

Synthesizers (commonly shortened to synths) are an incredibly versatile instrument that deserve their spot in the modern producer’s studio. A synth can replicate traditional instrument…
best volume pedal for swells

5 Best Volume Pedals For Swells

Volume pedals are a great way to take your guitar game to the next level. You can use a volume (or dynamics) pedal for a…
best reverb pedals for acoustic guitar
The 5 Best Reverb Pedals for Acoustic Guitar
best affordable record player with built in speakers
5 Best Affordable Record Players with Built in Speakers
best starter guitar for adults
The 5 Best Starter Guitars For Adults
5 Best Chromatic Harmonicas For Blues
The 5 Best Chromatic Harmonicas For Blues
best chorus pedals of all time
Top 5 Best Chorus Pedals Of All Time
frequently asked questions about guitar
Frequently Asked Questions About The Guitar