best melodica for the money

Best Melodica For The Money

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The melodica goes by many names, including the blow organ, the pianica, the melodyhorn and the key harmonica, but no matter what you call it, the melodic is one of the most harmonic and versatile instruments in the world.

best chromatic harmonica for blues

Best Chromatic Harmonica For Blues

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If you want to play the blues, you need the right instrument, and for many dedicated blues players, that instrument is the chromatic harmonica. The chromatic harmonica has long been a favorite with professional blues players, and it is easy to see why.

best flugelhorn for the money

Best Flugelhorn For The Money

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The flugelhorn is one of the most fascinating, yet also one of the most underrated, instruments in the world. While not nearly as well known or widely played as the trumpet or trombone, the flugelhorn has a distinct sound, and it is an integral part of many orchestras and bands.

best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 100

Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100

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You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the bliss of wireless noise cancelling headphones. Indeed, some of the best wireless headphones on the market are also among the most affordable.

best hand exerciser for guitar

Best Hand Exerciser For Guitar

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It does not matter if you are an amateur guitar player or an experienced professional; keeping your hands in great shape will be critical to your performance.

best alto sax for highschool students

Best Alto Saxophone for High School Students

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The alto saxophone is one of the most expressive, and one of the most versatile, instruments in any band. Whether the alto sax is part of a large brass band, an integral feature in a rock band or a valuable addition to a high school band, the quality of the instrument makes a big difference.

5 best pocket trumpets for the money

Best Pocket Trumpet for The Money

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Playing the trumpet is fun; lugging around a huge instrument decidedly less so. Enter the pocket trumpet – an adorable little instrument with a very big sound.

best clarinet reeds for advanced players

Best Clarinet Reeds For Advanced Players

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Now that you are at the pinnacle of your clarinet playing, you need a reed that is worthy of your talents and your accomplishments. As an experienced musician, you know how important the right equipment can be, and you demand the best reed for the money.

best banjo bridge for bluegrass

Best Banjo Bridge For Bluegrass

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If you play bluegrass, you know how important it is to have the right equipment by your side. The banjo bridge in particular is one of your most essential pieces of gear, and choosing the right one is essential now matter what form of bluegrass you play or where you play it.

5 best mountain dulcimers for beginners

Best Mountain Dulcimer for Beginners

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The mountain dulcimer has to be one of the most beautiful instruments on the planet, with a unique voice and a tone that has to be heard to be believed. Whether you are a fan of folk music, a dedicated bluegrass player or just a fan of great sound, the mountain dulcimer belongs in your repertoire.

best euphonium mouthpiece for high notes

Best Euphonium Mouthpieces for High Notes

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Each of the Euphonium mouthpieces on our list are specifically designed for the high notes, so you can hit the stage with confidence no matter where you play. Here are five of our favorite Euphonium mouthpieces for hitting the highest of high notes.

the 5 best ukulele cases for travel

Best Ukulele Case for Travel

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You will need a solid case to get your ukulele to and from the gig. A good ukulele case definitely belongs on your pre-performance shopping list, but how do you choose the right one?

Best Valve Oil For Tuba

Best Valve Oil For Tuba

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If you play the tuba, you know how important it is to keep your valves oiled and in good working order. The right valve oil can mean the difference between a flawless performance and a stage show that requires constant adjustments and changes with every song.

5 Best Felt Picks For Ukulele

Best Felt Picks For Ukulele

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What many beginning ukulele players fail to appreciate is how the quality of their pick can affect the results of their performance. Experienced players know better – they know that choosing the best quality felt ukulele picks is an essential part of playing their best, and that their choice of pick will impact their performance every single time.

5 Best Pop Filters For Blue Yeti Microphones

Best Pop Filters for Blue Yeti Microphones

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Finding the Best Pop Filters for Blue Yeti Microphones is easier than you think. Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – the Auphonix 6-inch Pop Filter….

Best Clip On Tuners For Mandolin

Best Clip On Tuners For Mandolin

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If you want to make your own mandolin playing better and more effective, your choice of accessories can make a world of difference. In particular, the right clip-on tuner can help you get the perfect sound from your favorite instrument.

The 5 Best Ukuleles Under $100

Best Ukuleles Under $100

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The ukulele is one of the most popular, and versatile instruments with first-time players and experienced musicians alike. Equally at home in a country band, a bluegrass ensemble, a folk group or a rock band, the ukulele brings a unique sound to every stage.

5 Best Audio Interfaces for Logic Pro X

Best Audio Interfaces For Logic Pro X

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The right audio interface will faithfully reproduce your sound, making every note you play sound better and more vibrant. Having a quality audio interface can also make your practice sessions more effective, so you can get the most from your playing time and hit the stage with confidence.

The 5 Best Guitar Straps For Electric Guitars

Best Guitar Straps For Electric Guitars

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It does not matter if you are taking the stage at the local club, practicing with your friends or playing at a big party, the quality of your instruments, and your accessories can make a huge difference in how you perform and how you are received by your audience.

5 best portable keyboards with weighted keys

Best Portable Keyboards With Weighted Keys

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Portable keyboards will weighted keys are particularly popular with musicians of all genres, ages and abilities. Whether you are taking up the keyboard for the first time or just improving on your skills, the right portable keyboard with weighted keys can make all the difference in the world.