best on ear headphones under 100

The 5 Best On Ear Headphones Under 100

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Whether you are rocking out to your favorite heavy metal tunes or chilling out with the latest books on tape, nothing beats a great pair of headphones. A quality pair of on ear headphones allows you to block out the noises surrounding you, so you can concentrate on the sounds you really want to hear.

best ocarina for beginners

The 5 Best Ocarinas For Beginners

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The ocarina is one of the most fascinating, and one of the most ancient, of all musical instruments. The ocarina has a unique sound, one that its players love and that those who hear it will not soon forget.

best electric guitars for small hands

The 5 Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands

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Aspiring guitar players often find themselves so wrapped up in the excitement of their new hobby that they neglect to notice one thing: their small hands. Guitars are manufactured to suit an average size, and those with small hands find it difficult to manipulate, or even reach, the strings. With a little research, those with smaller hands can find an instrument suitable for their size.

best cello for beginners

The 5 Best Cellos For Beginners

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Long a staple of the symphony orchestra, the humble cello has been turning up in some strange places lately. From the folk stage and the jazz band to the solo coffee shop and rock band, this classic stringed instrument has been showing off its versatility and gaining new fans along the way.

best violas for intermediate players

5 Best Violas For Intermediate Players

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Whether they are played by beginners or experienced musicians, the viola has a deep, rich, resonant sound that is instantly recognizable. If you are a dedicated viola player who wants to get even better, having the right instrument by your side can help a great deal.

best headphones for electric guitar practice

The Best Headphones For Electric Guitar Practice

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Whether you specialize in the electric guitar or prefer the clarity and simplicity of acoustic play, you are always working hard to become a better player. You spend long hours in the practice room, honing your skills, working on your finger work and perfecting your riffs.

best electric guitar for the money

The 5 Best Electric Guitars For The Money

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All of the electric guitars featured in our best electric guitar’s for the money buyer’s guide have been extensively played by our electric guitarists on staff here at music store central throughout their years of local gigs and national touring.

best drumset for the money

Best Drum Sets For The Money

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Buying a drum set for the money is easier than ever because there are so many affordable drum kits on the market these days. We’ve compiled 5 of the best into our drummer’s buyer’s guide, most of the options on our list are highly affordable.

best karaoke machine for adults

5 Best Karaoke Machines For Adults

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Karaoke is just one of those fads that will never ever go away, and for good reasons. Some people hate it, but the rest of us know that they’re dead wrong, because karaoke is just plain awesome. We’ve gone ahead and curated 5 of the best karaoke machines on the market today.

best flutes for beginners

The Best Flute For Beginners

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The flute is one of the most beautiful and lyrical instruments in the world, but it is also one of the most versatile. The band Jethro Tull famously proved that the flute can be a rock and roll instrument, and countless classical musicians have used the flute to create amazing compositions.

best midi controller for logic pro x

5 Best MIDI Controllers For Logic Pro X

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MIDI controllers make noodling around in your preferred DAW a much smoother experience. By the way, DAW mean digital audio workstation, which in this case is Logic Pro X. Gone are the days of using your computer keyboard as a synth, because once you plug in your MIDI controller you’ll be able to control all of your parameters and play all of your software instruments direct from the controller.

best electronic drum sets for the money

Best Electronic Drum Set For The Money

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Electronic drum kits are a great solution for drummers or aspiring musicians who are living in apartments or with roommates. It’s difficult to find a home where you can play drums consistently, and oftentimes drummers will have to rent a practice space just to hone their skills.

best turntable for the money

The 5 Best Turntables For The Money

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Turntables have been a staple of modern music for some time now. And while yes, record scratching goes in and out of style, knowing your way around a turntable is more than just scratching. For the audiophiles who will never record scratch or DJ but just want to listen to their Frank Zappa collection, well we’ve hand selected turntables that can handle that too.

best synthesizer for beginners

Best Synthesizer For Beginners

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Synthesizers have been one of the most defining & world shaking instruments of our digital age. Achieving mainstream success on The Beatles albums, and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, and still the same synthesizers continue to prevail today on albums like Tame Impala’s modern classic Lonerism.

best kalimba for beginners

Best Kalimba For Beginners

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Whether you’re looking for an additional unique instrument to add to your collection, or you need the perfect charming tone for your new track, the kalimba is an all around great instrument for the task. Before we get started, you should know that kalimbas are known by many names including thumb pianos & mbira.

best camera for musicians

Best Camera For Musicians

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Whether you are an amateur musician looking for your first big break or an experienced pro who is already filling stadiums, you want to carefully record all your best moves.

best melodica for the money

Best Melodica For The Money

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The melodica goes by many names, including the blow organ, the pianica, the melodyhorn and the key harmonica, but no matter what you call it, the melodic is one of the most harmonic and versatile instruments in the world.

best chromatic harmonica for blues

Best Chromatic Harmonica For Blues

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If you want to play the blues, you need the right instrument, and for many dedicated blues players, that instrument is the chromatic harmonica. The chromatic harmonica has long been a favorite with professional blues players, and it is easy to see why.

best flugelhorn for the money

Best Flugelhorn For The Money

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The flugelhorn is one of the most fascinating, yet also one of the most underrated, instruments in the world. While not nearly as well known or widely played as the trumpet or trombone, the flugelhorn has a distinct sound, and it is an integral part of many orchestras and bands.

best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 100

Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100

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You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the bliss of wireless noise cancelling headphones. Indeed, some of the best wireless headphones on the market are also among the most affordable.